1997 LeMond Reno frame+bits - 57cm $100+actual ship

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1997 LeMond Reno frame+bits - 57cm $100+actual ship

Here's that LeMond.

It's got a 57cm TT and a 56.5cm ST (center-center)

It has a 113mm UN55 installed, I can remove that if you like. The stem is 80mm. I'd estimate that the BB has less than 1000 miles on it (I installed it last year.)

As pictured it weighs 8lb. The paint is as you'd expect from a 20 year old frame. I couldn't find any dents, but there are the usual amount of chips and scratches.

I ran it with 700x25c and it looked like you'd be able to get 28c in there, but it's a tight frame.

Specs can be found here in the 1997 catalog:

I've also got most of a 600 tricolor (8sp downtube index/friction switchable) group that's got some wear on it that could be thrown in for cheap. (Shifters, dangler/pusher, brake calipers/levers)

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