Some XL jerseys

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Some XL jerseys

My impulse purchases of clearance-priced nonsense can be yours! Let's say $5 each to cover shipping and whatnot. All are short sleeved, all are / fit like an XL. All are full zip and have the standard 3x back pockets. All are used, all will be cold water/gentle detergent washed and rack-dried before shipping.
Only selling to regulars on the forum, sorry, lurkers.

Black Giordana Fusion - it is black, has fun ribbon-y cuffs on the sleeves. Contrast color zipper.

Dark Green De Marchi cheapo - has Italian flag colored bands across chest. Nicely tailored.

Light Blue De Marchi cheapo - same, but light bue. Seriously, De Marchi makes consistently nice stuff, I bought these when CC was blowing them out for like $30 each, but I have enough jerseys that I don't need spares.

Green TenSpeedHero with black and white side panels - super shiny! fun design!

"White" Road Holland artificial fabric (garment tag mislabels it as wool/poly blend, checked with the company about it) - looks like a golfing shirt, but is a bike jersey. Kind of yellowed from sweat and sunblock. Will strong detergents clean it up, but also fuck up the fabric? for only $5, you can find out!

If you want all of them, $20 does the deal. I'm happy to barter the lot for windproof gloves in xl, too.

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 14:32