FS: 700xGravel Tires

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FS: 700xGravel Tires

700x35 Clement Xplor USH set, $45. maybe a few months of commuting.

700x32 KEnda Slant 6 set, 120tpi, Tubeless. 1 season of light racing. $45

700x40 Clement Xplor MSO WIRE BEAD Single Tire. $20 picked up in SF, no ship.

700x41 Surly Knard set. 6 months of commuting. 1 Wire bead 33tpi, 1 folding 120tpi. $45

700x50 Schwalbe Big Apple, black. basically new. Wire bead. K-Guard. $50

Sun, 12/31/2017 - 16:16