Some Zipp Tubulars

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Some Zipp Tubulars

Copy from the friendface post, prices for Tarckers would be a good bit lower, I priced them high for some negotiating wiggle room to begin with. Lmk if interested!

Selling three Zipp tubulars. Two are dimpled, rear 808 is Shimano 10s, with fairly fresh Schwalbe One tires glued on. You should be able to run these 11s with a campy freehub and cassette. Non-firecrest. These older tubulars are really light (should be just about 1300g according to the catalogs). Newer front 404 is a 2009-2010 gen (568g), and has had the hub replaced as part of the recall a couple years ago. The rear is a 2006-2008 model (735g), with the 182 hub but the older rim/dimples. The other 404 is an older (I want to say 2001-2002?), non-dimpled with a continental tire, not sure of age.

Prefer local pick up but can ship if you cover shipping costs and give me a little bit of time to find a suitable box/packing materials :)

Newer 404 front - $400
808 rear - $550
404 & 808 as a pair - $800
Older 404 front - $200

Photos here:

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 16:40
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i want that older front for my track bike!... but.... i have no money right now. so dont listen to me..

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Thu, 10/26/2017 - 23:08