Tektro 926al Mini-Vs

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Tektro 926al Mini-Vs

Just swapped out some euroX for these on my cross bike. I paired them with old school shimano aero brake lever.

These $10 babies are awesome. The stock pads are junk and I put some $20 koolstop pad/holder combo on them. They don't weigh much more than TRPs after the pad swap.

These are some of the shortest mini-Vs out there at 80mm. The power and modulation are great, orders of magnitude better than the euroX/swissstop blue they replaced. Comparing to TRP 8.4, there is more pad clearance and lever feel is better.

Cons: ugly looking
Need to splice in a barrel adjuster or swap out the noodle to unhook the brakes easily.

Highly recommended.

Sat, 09/13/2014 - 22:06