TA Alize 46t 130 bcd inner ring

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Gary Fissure
TA Alize 46t 130 bcd inner ring

ordered from Engeland. came pretty quick. did not have ramps/ pins. WTF. re-read reviews. oh yeah does NOT have ramps pins. okay.

set up on Shimano 9s Tiagra or sommat triple. in the middle position. with CHAIN DISC ACTION ALLOY 46-48T 130MM SILVER on the outside.

I done made mahself a fancy ass 46/30 compact double.

I had attempted this setup previously with an old XT 110/74 (not with chainguard). it did not work well. the ring was too flexy at 110, or my derailleur was too beat. idk. Then I got the fancy pants Sugino OX801d. it was stiffer, but a SRAM Apex derailleur didn't work that well with it. An Ultegra 10s triple did tho. the cage shape (rated for 30-39-52 triple) plays nice with 30-46.

So then I went to duplicate the gearing I like on the cheap. [105 10s triple fd. Ultegra 6700 shifters.] The TA ring is nice, but not nearly as nice as the Sugino. as previously stated, no ramps and pins. On the first ride, some metal started getting carved off. the shifting was a little meh. I was worried. then I adjusted it to slightly overshift (but no big deal cos chainguard). Maybe it carved its own ramps, maybe adjusting to slightly overshift is what it needed; it works great now.

So if you've got a Shimano triple crankset and a double shifter and you want some alpine/gravel/whatever gearing, replacing the middle and outer rings with tthe TA ring with the Action chain disc is a good option.

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 22:53
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I had a 135bcd 49t ramped/pinned TA ring to make a 49/39 last year. The shifting was not great, even with the small 10t jump.

Even so, I am still going to buy some TA 94bcd rings soon. I dig that they have so many offerings for alternative gearing ratios.

I really wish the big companies would realize that a 46/32 or 30 would be better for most average riders than the ubiquitous 50/34.

Sat, 06/22/2013 - 20:15