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Exposure Toro MK4

The vast majority of my life I have not used lights and abhorred reflective shit when riding bieks. Animals get out of the way instead of freezing up among any number of other reasons. Finally decided to put and end to carrying a camping headlamp or claiming a blinkie was sufficient for legal purposes. Actually I would have loved a good light years ago for off road stuff but corded batteries and short run times suck.

After digging around on my own and asking here I bought a newer version of the Toro than Fergie and some other friends have. While more than meeting the legislation in place it has a bonus function of not acting like a reflector due to the lens. This cuts down on the amount of "look something shiny" distractions under all light and especially nulls dazzling when riding into a low sun. The 3 Cree XPG R5 LEDs put off a claimed 1200 lumens infiltrating the lens to give off a pattern that is both far reaching and broad enough for riding on paths or streets.

The form factor is very nice with internal battery and minimal cleat for storage off the bike. Weight is 232g and has a negligible effect on steering mounted close to the stem. Having used it only in cold weather thus far I can't vouch for the fins along the outside of the front radiating heat. Only being hard to clean. I have no reason to doubt they are as efficient in design as they are in practice.

The mount is a work of simplicity and rock solid despite the cantilevered light. Insertion of the cleat has such a light feel and positive tactile feedback when locked that no wear on finish or parts seems feasible for the expected lifespan of the light. The triangular cleat gives no false positional arrangements that could lead to ejecting the light.

The new addition to the MK4 is a program mode that tailors to specific usages. Listed numbers are for estimated run times on a full battery with a flash mode available in all that will literally run for days. Switching to and utilizing any of the modes is very intuitive and counter to my expectations. With the exception of the seventh mode there is no option that would require changing from to just go ride.

The soft case it comes packed in goes just far enough towards protection and durability without overt branding, waste, or tackiness. Bordering on overly large to pack for traveling it could be left behind. Stock battery charger pictured takes 8+ hours to fully charge the Toro though a faster option is available.

Basic examinations over I can tell you this light is bright, fucking bright enough to stop traffic. I use it a lot, during the day. The flash mode is a constant lower beam with pulses of high beam that somehow are fully removed from a flashing sensation that disrupts sight. I have people 6 lanes across a busy road on the bike path taking notice as I ride parallel to them. Twice now a running race has tried to disturb a ride as I rode upstream through them and their dipshit observers removed of temporal sense without the need to yell. For current times I can think of no better match to alert oncomers with a design and implementation that hasn't grown commonplace or has an effect that rises blood pressure and nerves.

I could copy + paste any of Fergie's stories of his experience in low light. Even at the lowest setting you have to be going quick to outrun it. The highest lets me bomb down stuff or navigate tightly curved wooded lanes with no fear. Cars can see me a long ways off and with the remote on my handlebars I can dim my light to allow them unrestricted sight very easily. Can't say enough so I'll stop at too little.

Almost forgot the charging port acts as a powered outlet for a USB plug or allows a corded accessory light. There are also external batteries that can extend the lights charge to what probably would amount to a week of touring.

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 16:39
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Exposure lights are bitchin'. I only use them now, and have one light that I share between all my bikes.

Pops off into my pocket or bag in seconds flat.

Should have said it was just a cross check with different geometry. - Todd

Fri, 05/03/2013 - 18:51