Gore Fusion GT AS Jacket

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Gore Fusion GT AS Jacket

as seen here: http://www.amazon.com/Gore-FUSION-Jacket-Small-Lemon/dp/B005Q7U5D4 but in black, which isn't nearly as hideous.

pros: this jacket is amazing, mainly because i can't find a situation for which it isn't the best option. can wear it in 20F and windy with just a jersey and ls midlayer on. can wear it in 62 and rainy with a jersey. gore-tex activeshell is hands down the most breathable fabric i've ever worn. the jacket is so versatile i wear it every day commuting as a shell - it regulates temperature better than any softshell cycling jacket that i have.

cons: activeshell has no stretch. zipper is pretty tight against neck. zipper is hard to move with one hand, especially with a glove on. cuff velcro is little dots instead of a strip, which means it's not quite as adjustable as it should be

fit and other info: arms are good size. it drops a bit lower in the back than i'd prefer. no pit zips or other vents which honestly isn't a problem because it's just so damn breathable.

Sat, 12/15/2012 - 10:10